Hunan (Chenzhou) characteristic agricultural products fair

Hunan (Chenzhou) characteristic agricultural products fair

The 2nd Hunan (Chenzhou) characteristic agricultural products fair was held in chenzhou international conference and exhibition center on November 11st to 14th 2016 with the concept “innovative, pragmatic, green and safety” ,”characteristic brand, marketing China” . Total area of the exhibition reach 48000 square meters. It set up 22 special decoration theme pavilions and 800 standard booths, mainly to show the famous quality, features, brand of agricultural products, and scientific and technological achievements exhibition which help to negotiate the trade and project investment . In order to ensure product quality and safety, the fair make the exhibition access system strictly.

The exhibition scope includes: the organic food, green food, health food and pollution-free agricultural products, agricultural and sideline native products, nutrition health food, drinks, etc.;

Agricultural products processing, packaging, preservation technology; Quality fruit, vegetables, flowers; Grain, oil, cotton, corn, etc.;

Seed fertilizer and other agricultural production materials, etc.

Highlights of the previous fair

Previous agriculture fair is the first agriculture fair in chenzhou. It adhere to “based in hunan, oriented in Guangdong and Hong Kong, brand exhibition, market operation” concept, with “exhibition chenzhou three-dimensional agriculture, show the greater China characteristic agricultural products” as the theme, to adhere the “standard first, characteristic first, ensure the quality, agriculture priority ” principle, to promote the agricultural modernization, brand development “as the goal, It set up 21 theme pavilions and six exhibition. A total area of exhibition is 48000 square meters with 1152 standard booths. The fair attracted not only local company of agricultural products attending, but also attracted agricultural products companies came from Malaysia, India and Taiwan, guangdong, guangxi, yunnan, sichuan, chongqing. There were 858 companies attended the Fair.

Information of the city

Chenzhou is one of China’s excellent tourism city. It is a multiple radiation region of hot springs, “China economic circle”, “pearl river delta economic circle” which is located in the southern section of luoxiao mountains midway through nanling mountains. In the east is ganzhou city. In the south is shaoguan, qingyuan and north to hengyang and zhuzhou .
In 2014, the GDP of chenzhou city totaled 187.26 billion yuan, increasing 10.9% over the previous year. Among them, the first industrial added value 18.12 billion yuan; The second industry added value of 106.41 billion yuan; The tertiary industry added value of 62.73 billion yuan. Calculated on the population of permanent residents, the city’s per capital GDP amounted to 39999 yuan. The budget of public finance income was 24.04 billion yuan. The public finance budget cost was 35.16 billion yuan. Urban per capital disposable income was 23621 yuan. Rural residents per capital net income was 10786 yuan.

Exhibition information

Hunan province agriculture committee chenzhou government

Other counties of the municipal government in Chenzhou

November 11st to 14th, 2016

Chenzhou international conference and exhibition center


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